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The Shoeleather Express is a Volkssport Club located in Abilene, Tx. Abilene is the home of Dyess Air Force Base, Hardin Simmons University, Abilene Christian University, and McMurry University. The Shoeleather Express is a non-profit, charitable organization, composed of volunteers.  Our walking events are sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association (AVA).  We would looking for new members and would like to invite you to come walk with us.



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Have you done everything you can think of to encourage your kids to get off the couch and get physically active? There's a world of difference between telling you kids about the benefits of being physically active and showing them that fitness is a priority in your own life.  If you're not physically active, your words are likely to lose their impact.  Bottom line?  You have to be prepared to walk the talk.

One of the ways to do that is to participate in Volksmarching Events like those sanctioned by our walking club.  Our club's events are designed for fun, fitness, and family.  Our events can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  Our walks are held in a variety of locations, and variety is the key to making your family fitness program enjoyable.  While you may find it difficult to schedule time for family fitness initially, it won't be long before your Saturday morning trip will become the highlight of your week.

Why sit on the sidelines watching your kids play soccer, hockey, baseball, or some other organized sport?  Become a participant in your child's healthy lifestyle, while getting physically fit yourself.  Your walking time can be filled with wonderful conversations and it's great seeing the world through our child's eyes.

Walking is an activity that appeals to both children and adults. Walking can be enjoyed by all, regardless of age, fitness level, or ability.  Another advantage of walking is that it has few activity related injuries.

A volksmarch (walk) event is held on the weekend. Most are Saturday and Sunday events. Some are Saturday only. The events are non-competitive and the distance is usually 6 miles (10 kilometer). There is a large start window time.  You come, you register, and you start walking.  These are not timed events.  You have around 3 hours to complete the event.  The host club selects a trail for safety, scenic interest, historic areas, natural beauty and walkability. They then invite everyone to come and enjoy it. The walk route is marked with tape, or maps are provided.  All events are open to the public.

Volkssporting clubs across Texas and the whole United States also have Year Round Events (YREs).  To do this type of event you go to the start location indicated on the flyer and request the walk box.  You complete the registration and take a set of directions to follow.  Some clubs allow you to participate for free.  Some request a $3.00 donation.

Do you have children too young to walk?  Most of Volkssporting events are stroller friendly.  Especially if you have a big wheel stroller.  For moral support visit Lenore’s website.  Lenore is 16 years old now, but she has been attending events since she was 9 months old (in a stroller).  She completed her first 10K event on her own two feet when she was 4 years old.

Volkssporting has record books to keep track of your accomplishments.  You'll be surprised at how quickly the miles accumulate.  There is a bi-monthly newspaper called the American Wanderer that lists the accomplishments of our walker.  It is a great incentive for the kids to see their name in print.

Think your child can't walk 10K?  Start walking in the evenings with your kids until they have built up some endurance.  Our walks also have 5K options for the beginning walkers.

How do you find a volksmarch?  We have the AVA website that lists upcoming walks nationwide (it's great if you want to plan a family fitness walking vacation).  There are events held in all of the 50 states.  We also have the Texas Volkssport Association (TVA) website that lists upcoming events in Texas.  The American Wanderer also lists upcoming events nationwide.  At the events themselves there will be flyers available for upcoming events.

No time to walk on weekends?  Year Round Events (YREs) can be walked most days of the week except major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  These events can be walked at your convenience.  These events are listed on the AVA website, the TVA website, and in a book called the Starting Point




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