New 2023 Waco 5K Baylor Campus Walk

A monumental 15-foot-tall bear which has drawings on its surface depicting the history of Waco, Texas.

Texas, being proud of their history, became the first state to honor their athletes with a Sports Hall of Fame!

Newest Baylor building is (IMO) an ugly ultra modern building that doesn't fit in with the other Baylor buildings.

Kneeling Christ by Charles Umlauf in front of Truett Seminary.

Truett Seminary clock tower.

Waco Creek

Penny Smasher at the Bear Pit, for a souvenir.

Christmas Decoration at the Bear Pit.

Waterfall inside the Bear Pit.

The Baylor Bear taking a nap.

Lovely bridge over Waco Creek.

Fountain on base of bridge.

Tower of Pat Neff Hall.

Armstrong Browning Library

Life-size bronze of artist's interpretation of what Pippa looked like - from "Pippa Passes" poem by Robert Browning.

Waco Hall where Ed received his high school diploma in 1962.

Bronze portrait of Judge R. E. B. Baylor, who was the founder of Baylor University, a judge, and a Baptist minister.

Carroll Library

Empty space where statue of Rufus C. Burleson, the second president of Baylor University, once stood before the "WOKE" movement.

Rosenbalm Fountain (currently turned off).

Vara Daniels Fountain

Memorial to 10 Basketball players who died in bus/train crash in 1927.

Memorial to Vara Daniels

Marrs McLean Gym

Moody Memorial Library

Third Street Cemetery