Shady Oaks Event
San Antonio, TX

Walk Registration - Gerald, Linda, John, Tina and Michael.

One of the larger homes.

View of the creek bed.

Tree is blown over, but very much alive.

One of the newer homes.

Andy and Martin on the trail behind us.

Cactus garden.

Homemade metal mailboxes with wire bird decorations.

Purple cactus with a yellow bloom.

Another large home.

Little Free Library in the park we walked past has been vandalized, door is gone.

Covered wagon on display in historic area next to the park.

Interesting sign next to the covered wagon.

Another section of the creek.

Ed with another homemade mailbox.

Nice rock arch over the driveway entrance.

The January deep freeze that hit Texas killed the Sago Palms.

Another view of the dry creek.

One of four does we saw wandering in the neighborhood.