Best of the Heights
San Antonio, TX

Vintage Fordson tractor once operated at the plant and quarry. The four cylinder motor generated about twenty-five horsepower.

Pat was working the registration table.

The walk this year was mostly residential.

The houses in the area are large and modern.

Ed on the trail.

Just a look at the area we were walking in.

Jill was our checkpoint person. She had water and Tootsie Rolls for anyone who wanted them.

A "flatiron" building under construction.

Large Methodist Church

The smokestacks from the cement factory still stand.

Angel weathervane.

Dionicio Rodriguez's cement "wood fence" at the former Alamo Cement Company.

Large beer stein at the Hofbrau Beer Garden

Mural is also at the Hofbrau Beer Garden.

The longhorn is at the Hofbrau Steakhouse entrance.

This longhorn is at the other Hofbrau Steakhouse entrance.

Another equipment display at the Quarry Mall.

Equipment has caterpillar treads and it powers a large belt to turn the drill.

Light poles throughout the Quarry Mall have colorful banners attached.