The Cedars
Dallas, TX

The Cedars area, named for its magnificent forest of conifer trees, was once a late 19th- century district of Victorian homes and one of Dallas' first neighborhoods. However, industrial growth altered its residential character, and modern expressways stranded the area from the economic vitality of downtown Dallas. Our walk took us across that expressway and we visited downtown Dallas before walking in the Cedars.

Mural on wall of Lorenzo Hotel parking lot.

Walk registration in the underground Lorenzo Parking Garage.

Big Umbrella in middle of Akard Street.

Big Eyes Mural on wall of the Lorenzo Hotel.

Gold Star Mother's War Memorial

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

War Memorial for Dallas personnel who died aboard the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.

112th Cavalry Regiment Veterans Memorial in front of the Convention Center.

Oddly shaped Dallas City Hall.

Flags flying in the fog in front of Dallas City Hall.

(Former) Federal Reserve building erected in 1921.

Originally atop the AT&T skyscraper in Manhatten, Golden Boy was restored and is now displayed here in the AT&T Discovery District.

Beaux Arts style Hotel Adolphus is on the left
Neon Pegasus atop the building on the right.

The Globe (lights up at night) and it is covered with a mirrored outer surface, so it reflects the people and buildings around it.

Wings are an advertisement for Wonder Woman 1984

Sculpture on the 1922 Magnolia Building

Clock tower in the fog.

Varigated succulents

Mosaic butterfly in the sidewalk in front of Neiman Marcos.

Lovely old church built in 1910.

Ed and the famous Bowler Hat.

Ervay theater first opened in 1946. It is now a wedding venue.

Nice old building.

We detoured from the walk route and paid to walk thru Heritage Park. This was a self guided tour of the facility. Some of the buildings can be rented for weddings, etc.

MTK (Katy) Depot moved here from Fate, TX.

Brick bank moved here from Justin, TX. (Clock is not old).

Dr. Pepper mural

Hand pump and tub.

Non-working fountain wearing Christmas decorations.

Chautauqua Pavilion is a new construction.

Methodist Church moved here from Pilot Grove, TX.

Gano dog-trot home moved here from Grapevine, TX.

Gano homestead outhouse, in front of modern restroom facilities.

Gano log cabin

Blacksmith working forge at the Gano Homestead.

Brent Home

1855 home moved to Heritage Park in 1970.

Pretty bandstand in the park.

Miller log cabin moved here from Oak Cliff, TX.

The George Family Home moved here from Blum, TX.

Doctor's Office moved here from Oakcliff, TX.

Storm shelter behind the Queen Anne home from Blum, TX.

1888 School from Renner, TX

Leaving Heritage Park we passed (former) City Park School to continue the walk.

Football mural/graffiti on vacant building.

Twin rearing horses in front of the former Lamar School (now loft apartments).

Baby Back Shak mural.

Willie Nelson and other graffiti.

Marilyn and Bill have already finished the event and are enjoying lunch.