New Waco Year Round

Police Memorial

My Vietnam Vet posed for me in front of the memorial entrance.

List of McLennan County military who lost their lives in Vietnam.

Eagle is next to the Korean and other war memorials.

This red fox is called "Roxy"

Sculpture of two Orangutan sitting next to each other on stumps is called "The Kids".

This one is named "Stalking Fox".

Bear Cub stuck out on a limb is named "Trouble".

Morning Glories brighten the trail.

This one is called "Bats Taking Flight".

Flamingo and chick sculpture is named "Mother and Child".

Mosaic lizard is called "Prince of Scales".

African antelope is a Gerenuk, and that is what it is named.

The Thinkers - The elephant sculpture is named "Wise Elephant".

Stag is named "Whitetail"

Turtle is named "Box Turtle II". Not sure where Box Turtle I is located.

Alligator is named "American Alligator".

The tiger is named "Sumatran Tiger".

Black panther is named "Night Cat".

Old smokestack built in 1914, required repairs in 2015 (note top is different) after a basketball sized chunk broke off and smashed the roof of a nearby trailer.

Baby giraffe is named simply "Giraffe".

"Lioness and cubs" is the name of this piece.

Heron or Egret? The name of this piece is "Hearts Unfolding"

Baby elephant is named "Ely playing with a Stick"

Flock of geese is named "Taking Flight".

Meerkats are mongoose relatives from Africa. Piece is named "Meerkat Tribe".

Abstract giraffe is named "Geri".

Rhino is named "White Rhino".

Tiger is named "Tyson" after a Waco High School football coach.

This pieces is named simply "African Lion".

Ghostly baby elephant is named "Aftro Pach-Patch: baby"

Ghostly momma elephant is named "Aftro Pach-Patch: mother"

These Orangutans are named "Razak and Auntie" and statue depicts actual animals in the Cameron Park Zoo.

Abstract art in front of Convention Center is called "Las Mesas".