Granbury YRE

These are just a couple of items for sale in a store we passed.

Ed and Carol

Gisha sculpture at Dora Lee Langdon Cultural and Education Center.

Metal heron next to non-working fountain.

This sculpture makes you look up to see what they are looking at!

Old draw well at the Gordon House.

Information about Dora Lee Langdon

Lovely Queen Anne style home.

Old movie theater is now a liver performance venue.

Nutt House Hotel - you too can stay in the Nutt House!

Old county jail (1885-1978) is now a museum.

Blooming bushes along the Lake Granbury waterway.

Old AT&SF railroad depot.

Old power plant built in 1904.

Mural on the side of a garage in the residential area.

Route does a loop through the cemetery.

Heading back in, we are again walking along the Lake Granbury waterway.

Fountain in Shanley Park.

Jewell Ball Fountain.

Lantana in bloom.

Young girl guarding restaurant entrance.

Older woman guarding other side of the entrance.

Gazebo on the Hood County Courthouse lawn.

Brig. Gnrl. Granbury, the man the town was named after.

Unusual design on this 1905 Granbury State Bank building.

Built as a boarding house around 1971, this is now Ketzeler's Schnitzel Haus.

Hood County Courthouse is an 1891 Second Empire style building designed by W.C. Dodson.

1886 Opera House still puts on plays.

Decorative seating in the plaza in front of the Visitor's Center.

Fountain also in the Visitor's Center Plaza.

We passed back by the Gordon House to complete our event.