Mermaids and Murals
San Marcos, TX

Mermaids are part of San Marcos history due to the Aqua Maids who once performed at Aquarena Springs. There were 10 Mermaid Statues in San Marcos. One has been temporarily removed due to street construction. There are many, many murals/graffiti art (in alleys). We did some volkswandering instead of doing the official walk route.


St. Joseph Catholic Church - Founded in 1883 by Father John Morendi, a Jesuit priest.

Floats for the parade held in conjunction with the annual Mermaid SPLASH Festival.


Ode to Ralph at the Visitor's Center.

Restrooms in William & Eleanor Crook Park is covered with wavy lines to portray the river currents.


Heron mural on restrooms in Rio Vista Park.

Mural on the restrooms in Children's Park.


A sculpture entitled "Life's Lessons" in Children's Park.

Blooming Brightly mermaid in Children's Park.


Faded abstract on the back of a restaurant.

Heaps of hearts on the side of a Taco stand.


We circled through graffiti alley.

Nice mural further into the alley.


Adams Family & Munsters decorate another wall in the alley.

Christmas mural further along.


The Goonies on the opposite wall is gone, it has been painted over.

Corner garden back out on the regular street.


The Fish of the San Marcos Waterways mermaid on the corner of MLK Drive and Guadalupe Streets.

Electric Jazz decorates the City Finance building which sits next to Eddie Durham Park.


Mermaid Map in Eddie Durham Park done in mosaic tile.

Dianne in front of the Price Center.


1889 Victorian home

Mini Mural - Tiny billy goats climbing a crack in the wall.


One of three murals in another alley.

Oh for a Muse of Fire located on the corner of Hopkins and Guadalupe St. across from the Hays County Courthouse.


The University's Bobcat and the High School's Rattler face off.

Replica of the 55-pound "Great Old Bell" once used to summon firemen to a blaze


Skylight under the courthouse dome is just plain white.

Sesquicentennial time capsule to be opened in 2051.


Cupig located in Kissing Alley across from the Hays County Courthouse.

Postcard style mural with the zip code of San Marcos.


A cat and two pigeons eating pie. Painted in a former window.

Rich mouse


Poor mouse

Former Fire Station and City Hall.


Marker for the firehouse mascot.

Hutchison House - LBJ roomed here while attending college.


Blue Heron on a retaining wall.

In the alley behind Nelson Shopping Center


Mural on the rear of Sherwin William Paint.

Liquid Metal is located on Hutchison Street across the street from Vitality Bowls (Restaurant).


Trumpet playing squirrel hiding on the edge of the stage in Plaza Park.

Before Us is located in Plaza Park at the west end of the pedestrian bridge over the San Marcos River


Mosaic wall below the San Marcos Rec Hall in City Park.

Aqua Reina is located in the sculpture garden in front of the San Marcos Activity Center.


San Marcos Public Library dedicated in 1994.

Spirits of San Marcos - series of three stained glass windows displayed inside the library.