Japanese Sunken Garden
Brackenridge Park
San Antonio, TX

Sunken Garden Theater Entrance Gate. It was placed during the Texas Centennial celebration.

Chinese Sunken Garden Gate is designed like a pagoda. It is work done by Dionicio Rodriguez making cement look like wood.

Large pavilion overlooking the sunken garden.

Cement chimney reminds us this area was a cement plant.

Start table volunteer - Ellen. Greeter - Joanne.

Looking down into the garden.

Walking in the garden.

A white crane adds a splash of color.

Man-made waterfall.

Koi in the crystal clear water.

Walkway passes near the base of the waterfall.

Looking back at the trail we just walked on.

View of the pavilion as we circled the garden.

Beautiful flower reflected in the pond.

We left the garden and entered Brackenridge park where we saw this little train.

Picnic table is another creation of Dionicio Rodriguez. We were off route here (we missed a turn and was wandering around trying to get our bearings in the park.)

The little railroad bridge.

Water lilies were blooming in the river.

A row of bath houses (1925) designed by Emmett Jackson next to a gravel lined pool in the natural river channel. Concrete steps leading down to the river are deteriorated. The roof is gone from the bath houses and there are signs warning people to keep off.

Former bathroom now used for storage.

Looks like an old jail....

This 1890 bridge was moved here and the National Youth Administration (part of the WPA) has a marker stating that they worked on the project. We saw another volksmarcher here and we were able to get back on the official walk route.

This is part of the Witte Museum Complex. It is called the HEB Treehouse

Dionicio Rodriguez Bridge is a 98' faux wood bridge made of cement erected around 1926.

Walker ahead of us at the checkpoint.

Andy was working the checkpoint.

Water drain on the back of the bathrooms. Building was erected in 1926.

First Water Works Pump House – Erected in 1877. (oldest intact industrial building remaining in San Antonio).

Joske Pavilion- The structure of dark random-coursed stone was designed by Emmett Jackson and erected in 1926.

Picnic area south of Joske Pavilion was created by the WPA 1938-1940. Concrete pads around the tables were added later as were the water fountains.

"Quercus" by Susan Budge, erected in 2005.

Child's stone bench along the Wilderness Trail.

Carol and Ed on the Wilderness Trail. Who would think you would appreciate shade in November!

Just a section of old rock wall.

Trail marker. Note bottom one matches the large sculpture we came to later.

This sculpture is not named but it was also done by Susan Budge in 2005.

Nice sign for the Bombay Bicycle Club which has been a neighborhood bar since 1973.

Nice advertisement for Augie's Barbed Wire Smokehouse.

"Genius of Music" in front of the Tuesday Musical Club is the work of sculptors Pompeo Coppini and Walding Tauch. Erected in 1951.