TVA New Years Eve


TVA President Sue Medlin

Ellen was responsible for all these goodies.



Walkers registering for the event

Baby goats dressed in Pajamas



Home furnishings store with "Season's Greetings

Built originally as a hotel, it is now a museum honoring Fleet Adminiral Chester W. Nimitz



Cute Christmas Display

White Elephant Saloon (1888)


Zion Lutheran Church

1885 Gillespie County Jail, retired in 1939



Ed and the Gillespie County Park Gazebo

Nicely decorated house



St. Joseph's Halle where the Midnight Events used to be held.

Statue of St. Joseph holding baby Jesus was placed in front of St. Joseph's Halle in 2018



Old and New St. Mary's Catholic Churches.

Just a pretty tree framed by a lovely window.



This was truly a beautifully lighted building... so sorry for the blurry picture.


New Fire Museum


WPA constructed this post office in 1940. It was retired when a new building was erected on the west side of town.


Traditional German Christmas Pyramid. Wind turns the figures.


1881 Gillespie County Courthouse is now the public library.


Christmas Tree in the Marktplatz


1939 Art Deco Courthouse was built by the WPA.


Look closely. The tree is made of recycled plasic jugs painted green.


Teddy Bear watches a live band performance from the balcony


We finished off the evening with dinner at Mamacita's Mexican Restaurant.