Atlanta, TX
Cass County


We parked at the old WPA constructed grade school to start our walk.

Roman Colosseum mural on the Italian Restaurant.

Public Library is an old US Post Office.

Old caboose on display.

Brick railroad depot is now the Chamber of Commerce.

Veteran's Memorial Plaza

Korean War

Iwo Jima

The Kitty Hawk

Arlington Cemetery

Ed reading the Vietnam Memorial

Vacant vintage movie theater.

Vacant bank building from 1928.

Heading through the residential district to city park.

Round room on the end.

Carol entering the park.

Interesting old rock walls.

An old well (has been filled in).

One of several old rock cooking pits.

Rock lined culvert.

Back through the residential.

Weathered wooden Episcopal Church.

Just one I liked.

Nice Victorian.

Old gas station is now a dry cleaners.

We ate lunch here before heading home.