Granbury Volksmarching Event

Granbury is the Hood County Seat. It is 35 miles southwest of Fort Worth. This is not the official walk route.

The walk starts out on the boardwalk along Lake Granbury.

We leave the lake behind and head down Bridge Street.

Hitching post in front of the Nutt House.

This one is so drab. It needs a more colorful paint scheme.

We are now on the courthouse square. This is the 1891 French Second Empire courthouse.

Across the street from the courthouse is the Nutt House Hotel.

All the buildings around the courthouse square are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

These are good examples of Victorian commercial buildings.

Back on the courthouse side in a gazebo built in 1948.

Switching sides again.

On the corner of the block is the First National Bank with lovely bas-relief window ornamentation.

Heading away from the courthouse we come to the old railroad depot.

Back in a residential area. This one could use more colorful paint also.

Nice tower room.

This is another hotel.

Iron Horse Inn.

We've circle around and now approach the courthouse square from the other side. This is a former bank building.

Closeup of the courthouse entrance with a historical marker.

Historical marker about General John Bell Hood for whom the county is named.

Historical marker for General H.B. Granbury for whom the city is named.

One last Victorian.

Ed in front of the fountain at the convention center.