St. Mary's Cemetery Event

The event started at the Marketplatz. There are several Year Round events to choose from, but we chose the cemetery event.

Just a nice house.

Ed in front of the Middle School archway entrance.

This cement and rock wall along the school property was built by the Works Project Admin. in 1939. Sidewalk in new.

Very large house.

Another nice house.

Walter-Jenschke Sunday House built around 1870.

St Maryís Catholic Cemetery is located on the western edge of town. It has both an old and a new section.

A Calvary sculpture, depicting Jesus on the Cross with mourners at his feet, is in the cemetery.

Loeffler-Weber House is part log, part half timber and stone. It is as old as Fredericksburg.

The Coca-Cola sign from the 30ís on the side of old Kraus Bottling Works building was refurbished in 2017.

This bell, dating from 1869, hung in the original Zion Lutheran Church sanctuary,

I remember these rides being in front of grocery stores.

Henry and Auguste Kammlah House built around 1849 is now the Pioneer Museum.

Meckel-Hanus Home was turned into a hospital in 1927. It was a Catholic convent from 1949-79. It is now the parish offices.

William Wahrmund House built around 1875. It is now used as law offices.

The German town of Verbeinsgemende Montabauer is the sister city of Fredericksburg TX.