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Fort Davis National Historic Site
Fort Davis, TX

Yep, we found the start.

Workers still getting set up.

Ed signing the registration form.

Waiting for the 8 a.m. start.

Looking across the Fort grounds.

Susan is our "human arrow" to point us in the right direction.

One of the non-restored buildings.

Remains of an old baking oven.

Another non-restored building.

Other side of same building.

Gatling gun on display.

Ed with the Davis Mountains for a background.

Wild daisies.

Bonnie passed us on the trail.

Another wildflower picture.

Information board about the "former" cemetery. All the bodies were disinterred and moved to San Antonio.

Lesley was another "human arrow" telling us which way to go.

Two story restored officers quarters.

Row of restored buildings.

Office in the Hospital building.

Rae and Brooke in the Hospital.

Ambulance on display next to Hospital.

Cannon inside the restored barracks.

Wagon at the other end of the barracks.

Bronze bust of an Apache in the museum.

Another museum display.

Workers at the start/finish.

More workers at the start/finish.