Flag Pole Hill Event

Park Entrance

Flag Pole Hill was constructed by the
Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) around 1938.

The climb up to the flagpole wasn't on the official walk route.

There wasn't an overlook, but I liked the old CCC construction.

Ed and the flag.
Large park pavilion.

Rock bar-b-que pits.
I don't normally take pictures of port-a-potties,
but this one happens to be sitting in front the
CCC constructed latrine.

It was 37 degrees when we started walking.
These Dallas Trekkers were dressed warmly.
Heading down the hill.

CCC erected this building at the bottom of the hill.
We passed to the right of this White Rock sign.

We took the trail under the Northwest Highway.
Looking back at Flag Pole Hill from Lawther Drive.

View of Lawther Drive.
A tiny rivulet of water coming down our trail made for tricky footing here at the bottom.

View of the Dallas skyline from the top of that hill we just climbed.
Ed and Cathy (who was taking a picture of the skyline).

Another shot with White Rock Lake in the foreground.
Bob, our checkpoint volunteer, in front of the skyline.

Some fall color brightens the trees.
On a paved trail near the finish.

There is that climb back up the hill.
Passing the wall the CCC built, and we're done.