Kings Highway Event

Walk Registration at Kidd Springs Park.

Dave and Debra

Entrance to Japanese Garden in the park.

Only thing I saw that looked Japanese.

Turns out this lantern had been sent to the 1933 World's Fair by the Japanese government. After the fair Ethel Buell bought it. Upon her death in 1964, her daughter donated it to the Dallas Parks Department. It was placed here in 1971.

Nice walkway in the garden.

Graffiti below the dam.

Are these the springs the park was named for?

Should have stopped walking for this picture of the goose statue.

Archway over sidewalks at entrance to Kessler Park Neighborhood.

12 Hills Nature Center entrance

Inscription in the walkway.

Entering the nature center.

Trail in the nature center.

Sumac starting to get fall color.

Hood County Hummers entering the Nature Center as I was leaving.

Rosemont Elementary School

Statue of Liberty (?) Mural

Mural on the side of Maroches Bakery.

Lovely Art Deco Kessler Theater was once owned by Gene Autry!

Sign letting me know the end of the walk was near.