Cleburne Volksmarching Event

Cleburne is the Johnson County Seat. It is 30 miles south of Fort Worth on US-67. We walked on a Friday so we could get inside the courthouse and take a picture of the skylight under the dome.

Our reason for walking on a Friday instead of a Saturday.

Carol, Kerwin and Ed

Nice Victorian.

Notice the corner window. Nice!

Former high school is now a courthouse.

The man the city was named after -
Major-General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne.

American Legion Post 50.

Johnson County Courthouse.

Other things we saw while inside the courthouse besides the skylight.

The marble columns has a face in it.

Church of the Holy Comforter - built in 1893.

The Byrne Family history indicates that the house was built in 1897.

Amtrak train station.

You can't go inside the caboose, but you can climb up the steps.

A tiny burger grill in a downtown Cleburne historic building has been serving up the best burgers in town for over 60 years.

Lovely light fixtures on the 1923 Woolworth building.

Art Alley has several murals.

Design on the top of the Masonic Lodge building.

When you walk down James Street
there is someone watching you.

WPA constructed this Jail for the county. In 2014 a new jail was built and this one sets empty.

Just a pretty storefront.

Walking the hiking path along Buffalo Creek.

Another Victorian home.

Windmill in the backyard of the Victorian home.

Metal picnic umbrella on an old sewing machine base.