River Legacy Park
Arlington, TX

Sculpture where we entered the trail system.

Trail passes under Collin Street.

Stay to the right of the red line!

Volksmarchers who caught up to us (and passed us).

First of three Historical markers.

More history of the area.

Last one.

Footbridge over the Trinity River.

View of the river from the bridge.

Posing at an overlook.

Walking and talking.

Rock wall along a steep drop off.

Another view of the river.

Yes, another view of the river.

Pedestrian bridge over Sniper Legacy Creek.

Overlook with bench.

What I saw from the overlook was a huge piece of driftwood.

10K Walkers

The path not taken. We stayed on paved trail.

Dave & Debra headed out, we're headed back in.

View of the trail curving through the trees.

Two Dallas Trekkers going the other way.