Tyler County Year Round



The official Tyler County Year Round was laid out in the Big Thicket. We were to walk the Pitcher Plant and Turkey Creek Trails. However, Hurricane Harvey destroyed much of the area with flooding and downed trees. They have not reopened the trails. The end of the year is full of events, so we needed to go ahead and get this county now. We stamped our books at the start and drove back to Woodville which is the county seat and walked a 6K around town. This unofficial route can be viewed here

We parked next to the Tyler County Courthouse to start our walk.

Catty corner from the courthouse is the Baptist Church.
We circled the courthouse. The front is undergoing restoration.

Behind the  courthouse is the home of James Edward Wheat.
The house was built in 1848, purchased by James Wheat in 1918.
Wheat was elected the town's first mayor in 1929.
Another look at the back section of the courthouse.
It was added in 1935 by the WPA.

Front of 1891 courthouse with scaffolding.
Veteran’s memorial is inside the construction area of the courthouse.

Cutely fire hydrant. Woodville claims
to be the Dogwood Capitol of Texas.
This building is an Italian Restaurant.
The side has been painted to look like an Italian Villa.  

Looking back at the courthouse as we continue the walk.
There is a clock hidden up there in the scaffolding.
Assembly of God Church.

Police Station was built in 1951 as the city hall.
Approaching a lovely two story house.

Home where Allan Shivers (Texas Governor 1949-1957)
grew up.  It was moved to this location. It is now a museum.
Cute mailbox on the Shiver house.

Old well (now a planter) in front of school.
We are going to explore the Magnolia Cemetery.

We walked through the cemetery to the grave of Gov. Shiver’s father.
Back in the residential area we passed this
pretty bush which is called a “Confederate Rose”.
It isn’t a rose at all.   It is a Hibiscus.

Halloween Scarecrow seated in front of a retirement center.

Old Tyme Country Antique store.

Mural on the side of the store.

We cross a bridge over a creek.

Then we turned left to pick up the trail along the creek.

Swamp area, didn’t see (or hear) any gators.

Trail looks like it could be on a converted rail road bed.

Small tree down tested our agility.

Leaving the trail and back on the road we soon spot a small church.

Faith Lutheran Church

Woodville United Methodist Church

Looking back after we passed it.

And we are back at the First Baptist Church
and our car is just around the corner.