Coldspring Event



Heinz and Brooke were working the start table.

Former Laurel Hill Baptist Church, renamed First Baptist when it moved to this location.

Sign says “Almost Heaven”, home built in 1890.

San Antonio Volksmarchers doing the walk.

Child’s Playhouse.

House where the playhouse was located.

Nice house.

War Memorial - a little off the walk route.

1936 Centennial County Marker.

San Jacinto County Courthouse.
Coldspring United Methodist Church: The sanctuary, which is still used today, was erected in 1858.

McClanahan-Trapp House circa 1880.

Old county jail is now a museum. Some claim it is haunted.

New Waverly School circa 1921 was moved here.

The Hanging Tree.

300 Year Old Oak

Lovely Tree.

Old town Coldspring.

Looks like a camel to me.

Urbana RR Depot moved here.

Carol and Ed waiting for me to finish taking pictures and catch up.

Tulip Tree on the courthouse lawn.

Bonnie, Helen and Heidi working to get ready for the TVA meeting.

Cookies for the meeting attendees.