Breckenridge 6K YRE Event
Stephens County




The Stephens County Courthouse, designed in 1925 with construction spanning through 1926 is a sophisticated Classical Revival style.

Municipal Building across from the courthouse.

The high school students are “Buckaroos”.

The Junior High Students are “Broncos”.
Cute statue in front of the public library.

Alex Arnest Kime Mural is a memorial to Mr. Kime who was the owner of the Nash Car Dealership in town in the 1920’s

Mural on the side of the visitors center touts Breckenridge’s designation as “The Mural Capitol of Texas”. The Texas Legislature bestowed this title Jan. 17, 2001.

Walker Street Mural

IOOF building on the left, Masonic Lodge on the right. In between is an oil well.

This driller statue is behind the oil well’s fencing.

Spirit of Justice Mural depicts the old 1883 courthouse on the left. In an inset above Boomtown is a picture of the Lady of Justice that stood atop the old courthouse.

A pretty fountain on the corner.

A former bank building from 1920 is now a museum.

Spirit of the Buckaroo Mural is of a 1924 football game.

This ornate arch is all that remains of the 1883 county courthouse. It was the main entrance of the three-story red sandstone courthouse.

Historical Marker for Camp Breckenridge. It was a Civil War encampment established in 1862.
War Memorial on a corner of the courthouse lawn.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

First Baptist Church

WPA constructed three story stucco post office.

First Christian Church

National Theater from 1920 has been restored.

Empty lot turned into a bird sanctuary with lots of birdhouse. Following is a small example.

Interesting metal birdhouse.

Just a child’s guitar strung up for a birdhouse.

Another nicely done birdhouse.

Breckenridge Park.

Walkway along drainage area.

Old gate post with lamp marks the entrance to the park.

Memorial to the people who donated the property for this park.
New park entrance is still under construction.

Historical marker about Thurber Bricks (some streets in town are still brick).

Another mural – this one in need of some repair as the wood is rotting away.

We crossed a small creek.

Old YMCA Building

Where Horses Ride in Fords Mural

Howdy from Breckenridge Mural

Ranching Mural with active brands of the county displayed around the edges.

Returning down Walker Street to the finish at the courthouse. .

Squirrel watching us from the old archway.