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Austin State Hospital Event

Austin State Hospital Event

Walk Start at Patio of the Nifty-Fifty Diner.

Spotted this mural as we walked along Guadalupe Street.

Blue Bonnet Tourist Court (now apartments) built in 1928, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Gazebo near the Hospital Grounds entrance.

Building #519 formerly the Colored Women’s Dorm, now used for storage.

Bldg #540 with decorative brick design is not is use at this time.
Carol and the All Faiths Chapel which is now a Performing Arts Center.

The 1857 Austin State Hospital Administration Building is the third oldest still standing state building in Texas.

Basement entrance behind the stairs.

Pretty benches on the front porch.

A peek inside shows it still has steam heat radiators.

Beautiful columned front of building.

1909 Fountain

Central Park info board.

View of the ponds.

Another view of the ponds.
Our trail went under some trees and it was already cloudy so it was kinda spooky under there.

Back out in the sunlight and another view of the ponds.

Ed and the blooming cactus in front of the hospital.

Whoops, it is slippery up in the big chair.

Ed cautiously perched on the edge.

A 10K walker and our checkpoint volunteer.

“Summer at its Best” mural on the back of the mattress store.

Relief Art decorates the wall along the trail.

More of the wall art.

Parking garage beautified by ivy.

“2008 Tree of the Year” is a Live Oak.

Turtle sunning on a rock in the pond.

Pat, Rose and Darlene headed out, while we are on the way in.