San Augustine YRE




Text of marker starts out: An early eastern
gate to Texas, in area claimed in 1600s by both
France and Spain.

We crossed Ayish Bayou on this boardwalk.

Checking out the Santa Fe Caboose.

Heading out on the nature trail.

Historical Marker for Mission Dolores De Los Ais.

Marker for the El Camino Real.

Walkway at the Mission Delores visitor's center.

Church of Christ circa 1915.

St. Augustine Catholic Church circa 1881.

Carol and a beautiful Azalea Bush.
House on a hill.

Historical Marker for First Governor of Texas.

The Columns Bed and Breakfast circa 1902.

This two-story church has walls of cast masonry
stones and features French stained-glass windows.

This post and beam church was built 1870.
The Gothic bell tower added 1891.

Ruins on the hill.

Marker for San Augustine College.

Matthew Cartwright home on the
National Register of Historical Center.

Stephen W. Blount home is also on the
National Register of Historic Places.

Old Rock Gym reportedly built by the WPA.

Rock wall also WPA built?

Wood church built in 1887.

Lovely angel on the Cartwright marker.

Back out the arched entrance to the cemetery.

Ed in front of the old town jail which
was built in 1884 of native clay brick.

This Old Town Well was dug to a depth of 27
feet by slave labor in 1860. At that time the
outdoor well was lined with the circular brick
commonly used. In 1891, a saloon owner bought
the land with the well and built a frame building
over it for a new saloon.

Opened in 1926, the Augus Theater was still
open in 1950. Building currently houses the
San Augustine County Historical Society.

This former city jail was built in 1919.

Marker for a time capsule to be opened in 2036.

Statue of Gov. Henderson.

War Memorial on the Courthouse Lawn.

Old Lewis Hotel is being restored.

Back by entrance to Santa Fe Park.