Portland Event
San Patricio County




Walk started at Indian Point were we walked out on the pier.

View of Corpus Christi from the pier.

We started early so the sun was just coming up.

This is a wetlands/marsh walk with lots of birds.
Sign at the park entrance. Our car is back by that building.

Need a better camera for wildlife shots.

Start of the Sunset Lake Park hike/bike trail.

White fluffy clouds.

Another attempt to capture a picture of the pink birds.

Carol and Ed on the trail.

This blue heron wouldn't extend his neck for me.

Now we have water on both sides of the trail.

Another marsh shot.

Display board tells us about the pink birds.

We are approaching the end of the hike/bike trail where it goes into a subdivision.

Mural on an A-Frame.

House with a lighthouse tower room.

Heading back on the hike/bike trail, Carol spotted crabs close to shore. Sorry for the poor quality, but it was murky water.

Other people out enjoying the hike/bike trail.

Another marsh shot.

There is a pink bird in this one.

Crane and the Corpus Christi skyline.

Almost done, there is the building where we are parked.