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Port Aransas, TX YRE

Registration for this event is at the Tarpon Inn which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

To get to Port Aransas you get to take a ferry ride.
The ferry crossing was quick and uneventful.

Ed and Carol at the Tarpon Inn.

We skipped the "walk to the beach" and drove down and parked.

Ed and Carol ready to start walking.

Just a view of the beach.

We saw several blow fish stranded on the beach.

Another beach shot.

I don�t think I�ve ever seen a pigeon on the beach before,
so this is a rare bird sighting.

We continued down the beach passing under this wooden pier.

There were also a lot of starfish on the beach.

Storm clouds begin to roll in behind us and it appeared we might get wet.

We could see streaks of rain behind us.

A man standing in the surf fishing.

We eventually had to turn around and head back.

Passing back under the pier.

This is just a baby crab, I enlarged the picture. We picked up several of the speckled crab shell while walking (minus the actual crab).