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McKinney Falls State Park Volksmarch

McKinney Falls State Park

Ed at the Park Entrance.

Walk start registration workers.

Walker on the left, human arrow on the right
telling us which trail to take.

Robert and Rick returning from Lower Falls.

Aggie, Ed, Brandy and Carol at Lower Falls.

Lower Falls.
Field of Lava Rock.

Another human arrow helping us find the right trail.

Onion Creek.

Ed on the trail.

Brandy, Carol and Aggie.

Really large overhang.

Old Baldy - 500 YR Old Bald Cypress
In the crook of the bridge.

Aggie leading Brandy and Ed up the trail.

Ruins of the horse trainer's cabin.

Information on the ruins.
Carol and Brandy approaching the checkpoint.

Checkpoint workers.

Taking a short rest.

Dead tree covered in fungus.

Warning sign.

Brandy, Aggie and Carol on the hill.

Looking back at the hill when I go to the bottom.

Brandy took these pictures for me.

Upper Falls.

Wide angle of the falls.

Onion Creek downstream.

More Onion Creek.

Different Angle.