Goliad Event
Goliad County




Picture before we started walking. Lovely buildings across from the courthouse.

This is a "new" clock tower completed in 2003. Original destroyed in 1942 by a hurricane.

Faded sign on building says furniture store. It also says coffins.

The San Antonio River is still up from the rains last month.
Ed and Carol on the boardwalk.

Mission Espiritu Santo at Goliad State Park.

We paid our admission and went in to look around.
Mission Espiritu Santo bell tower.

Inside the mission.

This seems like a strange emblem to have above a church doorway.

Lovely design on this inset doorway.

Weaving loom on display.

This is where the Indians worked.

Last time we walked here I missed this mural hanging high up on the wall. It is a WPA era mural that once hung in the Capitol Building at Austin. “The Pageant of Texas” by artist Harold Everett “Bubi” Jessen.

They made tequila at the mission. Plaque explains about it.

Carol climbing the hill to head over toward the Presidio.

Crossing the San Antonio River on a highway bridge.

Ed with the statue of General Ignacio Zaragoza.

Carol and Ed on the trail.

Carol detoured to take a picture of the metal cactus with the American and Mexican Flags on the stage of the outdoor amphitheater.

Approaching the memorial area for the Angel of Goliad and further back the memorial to Fannin and his men.

Tables and benches that recognize Francisa Alvarez, the “Angel of Goliad” and her descendants.

Carol and the monument at the grave of Texan Army Col. James Fannin and his men, who were captured at Goliad and executed en masse here on Palm Sunday, 27 Mar 1836, one of the bloodiest days of the Texas War for Independence.

Ed with one of the two cannons that line the walkway. The cannons are fixed in place, mounted on concrete pedestals in which the Lone Star flag of Texas is embossed.

Blooming Century Plant in front of Presidio La Bahia. It is a Spanish fort originally built in 1749. It is not part of Goliad State Park and it requires an additional admission price to enter.

We went inside this time to look around.

A bust of the "Angel of Goliad".

Informational display next to the bust.

Inside the walls of the old fortress.

Really not much to see out here in the grassy compound.

One old cannon on display.

As Ed demonstrated for us, you would sit or kneel to use the gun ports. Sure couldn’t stand like this for long to shoot.

One end of the fortress has open access so you can visit.

Cannon on the ramparts.

Not much room in the little guard station.

Looking down on the church from the fortress wall.

Carol checking out the grave near the church entrance.

Another view of the grave. No explanation as to why she is buried there.

Inside the mission/church. This is an active church where they hold services.

Statue of Mary and Jesus.

Old mission bell on display.

Another mission bell in better condition.

This is all the remains of the old door.

This is a new door made from pattern of what remained of the old door.

Historical marker inside the walls.

Flag that is flying next to the historical marker.

Flags flying outside as we leave. Apparently Texas has had nine flags flying over it not the six the “Six Flags” leads you to believe..

View of the trail as we head back to our car.

Still had shade in spots, but it was getting hot.

This old building has a NRHP marker.

Hanging tree in front of the courthouse.