40th Anniversary
Footsteps of the Founders Walk

The event started at the Marketplatz. There were several events to choose from, but we choose the walk that was the same as the original event forty years ago.

A water wheel from the early failed Mormon community of Zodiac is preserved in Fredericksburg’s Pioneer Garden near the walk start.

We ran into Karl, Beverly and Anna. It was so good to visit with them.

Walk registration volunteers.

Walk started out by passing the WPA built courthouse.

Store that sells boots on Main Street.

Bronze eagle in one of the stores we passed.

Ed and an M&M in front of the candy store.

Admiral Nimitz in front of the Museum of the Pacific War.

Crape Myrtle.

A vine covered Pergola.

Pump house for a water tower converted into an apartment.

Adolph Gold house built in 1901.

Former home of Kenn Knopp, the man who brought Volksmarching to America.

Pump house with water tank still on top.

We passed a field of Indian Firewheels.

A new church that wouldn't have been here 40 years ago.

Checkpoint #1 volunteer.

Blooming century plant.

House on the hills that wouldn’t have been there in 1996.

Checkpoint #2 Volunteer.

Interesting yard art.

Honey bees were buzzing around the coneflowers.

Gingerbread Dog House.

We detoured to take pictures of WPA construction at the school.

WPA built Post Office is now the County Annex.

Getting our books stamped at the finish.