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Cave Walk in Cedar Park, TX

Cave Walk
Cedar Park, TX

Walk start location.

Walk start registration.

Helen and Siba finished the first loop.

View of the trail.

Ed checking out the first cave.

Entering the Cedar Elm Preserve Trail.
Another view of the trail.

Ed checking out another cave.

Another view of the trail.

Cave marker and information.

Caves are all locked down so no one can enter.

Another cave marker.

Sign for the Buttercup Cave Preserve.

Marker for this cave is gone.

Another cave entrance.

Linda, Robert and Gerald.
Pat and Darlene.


Another cave.

They changed from grated entrance to fences around.

Another cave.

Another cave.

Bad Air Fissure.

Another field of flowers.

Another cave.

Carlen reading the cave info.

A walker from New Braunfels.