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Salado Creek Greenway YRE

Linda and Gerald were registering walkers.

A bronze compass rose disk embedded in the pavement at the beginning
of the trail gives direction, elevation, and coordination. .

Carol and Ed heading out on the trail.

We had lots of shade (thank goodness).

Wildflowers were scattered along the trail.

Heinz stopped to chat for a few minutes. He was headed back in.

Siba was headed back in also.

We continued on.

When I got bored with the paved trail, I took some nature trails.

Back on the paved trail.

Our turn around trailhead.

Carol on the trail ahead of me.

This nature trail was a mistake, it didnít come back
to the paved trail. Had to find a cut across place.

Nearing the end of the walk.

Deer along the trail didnít bother to run when I stopped to take a picture