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Waring, TX
River Trail Volksmarch

Nice lampost

Historical marker on Waring School.

Sunlight on the tops of the Cypress trees turned them gold.

Petting one of several horses along the route.

Susanne headed back in.

Pat and Darlene working checkpoint #1.

Country road we walked.

Dead tree.

Mystery (at least to me) plant.

Pieces of a Navy fighter plane.

Sheep in the field.

Guadalupe at the bridge crossing.

Reflections looking the other way from the bridge.

Wider view.

Zoeller Cemetery.

Rick working checkpoint #2.

One corner of the graveyard.

Another picture of Rick.

Barn cat keeping an eye on us.

Volksmarchers headed out on the trail.

More volksmarchers.

Wash out area along the side of the road.

Priscilla and Heinz working finish table.