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Waring, TX
Camp Capers Caper Volksmarch

Walk start at the Waring VFD.

Robert working walk start.

Barbara and Jazzy.

We walked past the General Store.

Antique tractor.

Volksmarchers walking behind us on the trail.

Carol and Ed.

Carlen and friends headed back in already.

Lots of volksmarchers.

Ladies from Kerrville.

Some more Kerrville Trailblazers.

Camp Capers welcome sign.

Rock entrance under construction.


Clay passed us.

Darlene working checkpoint, Carol and Carol walking.

Checkpoint #1 photo.

Carol took our picture with the sign.

Our walk took us through a field of these wildflowers.

Cypress lined the riverbank.

Rock Cliff.

Blaze of yellow on both sides of the river.

10K Turnaround.

Springs in the bank with ferns.

Guadalupe River.

Rock island.

Way back was through the woods.

The woods.

Volksmarcher from San Antonio.

Back by the checkpoint.

Carol and the swinging bridge.

Amphitheatre by the river.

View of the river from the bottom of the stairs.

Mossy trees along the river.

Cypress tree roots.

Another view of the woods.

Nice trail.

Joanne working finish table.