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Rusk Volksmarching Event

Walk Registration - at Sweets by Pam.

Walk Start Volunteers.

Inside of Sweets by Pam.

Cherokee County Courthouse..

Texas State Railroad Mural

Another nice Mural.

Sidewalk decoration.

Bandstand on Courthouse lawn.

Cherokee movie theatre.

I think this qualifies for title of "Mansion".

Nice arbor provides shade for the front door.

Volksmarchers headed back into town.

Historical Marker for Old Rusk College.

Ed and I on the college steps (all that remains).

Wildflowers along the path.

Walk route did a loop inside the cemetery.

White Crinium Spider Lily.

Another fine home.

Nice flowers.

Historic Methodist Church.

Historic Home.

Information about the longest footbridge in the world.

View of the bridge..

Smaller bridge in the park.

Ferns growing on the creek bank.

Typical 1850s style house belong to Dr. Frazier.

Another nice old home.

Wood carvings at Rusk ISD Administration Office.

Cherokee County Peace Officer's Memorial.

War Memorial.

Confederate States of America Memorial.

Confederate Statue.

Volksmarchers enjoying lunch at Pam's Sweets

Bonnie and Helen

Brooke and Mackey

Caryln, Charliene, Bill and Joann.

Daralyn and Ken