Lake Livingston State Park YRE

Lake Livingston State Park is a Year Round Event hosted by the Brazos Valley Trailblazers Volksmarching club. We registered for the event at the Rangerís Station and got a set of directions. We walked this event last year so we knew this 10K event is made up of three sections. The first section goes out on the Pineywood Nature trail. It goes for quite a ways on just dirt trail.

The start of the walk in the woods.

They have to work hard to keep the trail open because of falling trees.

We arrived at the boardwalk.

Another view of the boardwalk. This used to be over a boggy section but due to drought it is dry.

Section two is a 3K out and back. You turn right and the lake is on your left side. As we approached the half way point there was a store (closed again). It was 101 and a cold drink would have been wonderful.

We climbed the tower last time. Carol climbed it this time.

Leaving the picnic areas behind we headed back into the woods.

Section three (2K) is another out and back. It starts out the same way as Section two but you turn left and walk along with the lake on your right.

The directions say when you come to where the bridge is out, turn around. The path to the bridge has become overgrown. We almost missed the turnaround.

Some pretty morning glories brightened up the woods.

I didn't take many pictures but you can go look at the ones from 2013 for more information on the walk.