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Castroville Volksmarch Event

We parked on the square and walked to the start.

St. Louis Catholic Church.

Statue of St. Louis.

Historical Marker.

Pretty flowers.

Lovely Trumpet Vines frame what
appears to be swinging doors.

Interesting old building.

Joanne modeling a new t-shirt.
Contact her if you are interesting in getting one.

Heinz working walk registration.

Coral Vine

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Church's historical marker.

Pretty Arbor.

Town's Founder Historical Marker.

Image of Henri Castro.

Lovely flower draped wall.

Lovely old home.

Joe, Susan and Q-Tip.

Checkpoint #1 volunteer.

Joe and Susan have completed their 50 States and 51 Capitals.

Walking Trail.

Trail markers.

Trail map.

View of the Medina River.

Information on the park.

Walkers that stopped to chat.

Bees in the Coral Vine.

Checkpoint #2 Volunteers.

Pride of Barbados and another flower for contrast.

Another historic home.

Another historic home.

Old movie theatre..

Painted design around window..

Not on walk route. See info below..

Castroville is home to one of the oldest structures in Texas, the Steinbach House. This house, originally built in the 1600s in Wahlbach, France, was relocated and restored in Castroville as a gift to the city from the people of Alsace. Beautifully decorated in period pieces donated by numerous Alsatian friends, itís a definite site to see and must stop in Castroville.