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Salado Creek Greenway

Walk starts at this trailhead.

Ed starting out on the trail.

On May 25, 2013 San Antonio received 10 inches of rain in under 24 hours.
This debris in the tree is probably the result from flooding.

Sunny section of trail.

Wooded section of trail.

Beginning of an S curve.

Salado Creek with water.


One of several bridges.

Took a short detour to check out this trail entrance.

Blooming Palmetto tree.

Nice and cool with a good breeze here under the freeway.

Almost at the Tobin trailhead.

Nice picnic tables here.

Robert Tobin created this environmental preserve for the citizens of San
Antonio. He personally reviewed and approved the plans for this park which
was previously Tobin land where he grew up. He enjoyed the woods and Salado
Creek and he wanted future generations to be able to enjoy it also.
Mr. Tobin died in 2000.

Where I got the information from.

Salado Creek with no water..

Another view of the trail.

Marker for Oakwell trailhead where we turned around.

We saws lots of people riding, including two park police officers.

We saw a deer, but I cut his head off in the picture which is a shame because he had a large rack.

Manmade rocks decorate this curve.

An Egret near the finish.