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Red Bud Isle Volksmarch in Austin, TX

Red Bud Isle

Club banner at walk start.

Waterfall outside walk start.

Walk Start Volunteers.

One of the water displays.

Explanation of the display.

Wonderful fall colors.
The dam.

A walker from Georgetown
and another from Kansas
talking with Ed.

Nice walkway out to view the lake.

White flowers growing out of rock ledge.

Ed and some yellow flowers.

More of the fall colors.

Black Lab swimming in the river.

Maze of roots.

Volksmarchers about to pass us.

Steps leading down to the river.
View of Red Bud Isle

Hula Hut Restaurant.

Ed with a Tiki Carving.

Nice Spanish style home.

African Daisy.


Nice simple design.

Millipede or dragon?

Nice landscaping.

Liked this rock house.

Scenic overlook.

Looking back at the huge Oak covering the street.

Pink Muhly (purple grass) and a nice house.

Yard and house art.

Yard full of wind chimes, birdhouses, statues and stuff.

Spiders left over from Halloween.

Cow art.

Wild roses.

Picture of all the dams on the Colorado River.