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The Benini Galleries and Sculpture Ranch Event
Johnson City, TX




Patricia and Robert outside the Benini Gallery.

Pat and Darlene working registration.

Kinetic Sculpture inside the gallery.

Queueing up for the restroom.

View of gallery from restroom line.

Sorry ladies. I moved too quick.

Bright and lovely sculpture.

Sculpture using an old bugle.

Another pretty wall sculpture.

Lovely roses.

Wood carving.

Metal helmet.

Peacock Feather Arrangement.

There were also paintings.

Nice mermaid painting.

Bust of Willie Nelson.

Starting the walk we passed this Kinetic Sculpture.

Another Kinetic Sculpture.

Rock, paper, scissors.

Rock hand holding a log.


Ed and Shirley.

Mosiac Mirror head.

Ed took my picture with the deer sculptures.

Group walking behind us.
This group is returning from the overlook.

Ed and the trail to the overlook.

Another view of the trail.

Panoramic view of the Sculpture Ranch.
We will be walking to that other hilltop next.

Monument at the top of the overlook.

In the middle you can barely make out our cars parked.

Eternal Flame.


Mother Nature's Sculpture.


Looks like a cat. Labeled "Endangered Species."

Volksmarchers coming down the hill as we head up.

More walkers.

We stopped to talk to Joanne.

Looking back toward the overlook we just came from.

Rick was walking.
Rose was working checkpoint.



Home at the top of the hill.

Kinetic Sculpture in the yard.

Flower I missed seeing on the way up.

Walkers coming up as we head back down.

Looking across the field at the mosiac head.

My favorite Kinetic Sculpture.

A couple from Seguin caught us.

Burro running loose.

He allowed himself to be petted.

Lady and her dog from Austin.
Loose yearlings joined the volksmarch.

They soon lost interest.

Walkers way ahead of us.

There is the house on the hill as we pass by on the road below.

Herb and Ellie.

Brian, a unknown, and Clay.

More walkers headed out as we return.

Me and the Gothic Cross.

Carved Rock.

Second Volksmarch for this young man.

John and his wife.

Finishing up at the Gallery.

Longhorn Sculpture out on Hwy 290 so you know where to turn.