Overlook to Bonneville
Cascade Locks, OR

View from the Overlook.

CCC constructed bridge

Climbing stairs.

HWY 30 Tunnel built by CCC
Now used for I-5

Moss growing everywhere.

View of the trail.

CCC built walls

Moss like fur on the stonework.

View of the Washington Mountains.

Another view of the trail.

Tall trees.

Oregan Mountains.


This may be tooth rock.

Entrance to Wahcllela Fall Trailhead

Looking for a right turn.

More pretty wildflowers.

Stream we walked along.

Another view of the stream.


Ed on bridge.

Climbing the trail.

View from top of the stairs.

Bonneville Fish Hatchery statue

Salmon display

No teeth.


12 foot long?

Rainbow trout.

Sitting on the pond edge watching the trout.

We bought food and were feeding them.

Good idea for a planter.

Evergreen fern.