Multnomah Falls/Wahkeena Falls

We parked at Wahkeena Falls parking area and hiked over to the Lodge at Multnomah Falls. From there it was a gently sloped trail to the Benson Bridge. Beyond the bridge, the asphalt trail was a series of steep switchbacks to a ridge crest where the trail split off to the overlook. The Overlook was closed due to a rock slide. Elevation gain to this point was 700 feet. From the closed overlook the trail on natural surface with tree roots, rocks, etc. We crossed Multnomah creek on a nice bridge. We passed Weisendanger Falls and then Echo Falls. When we came to the split in the trail for Larch Mountain, we turned right and continue to climb.

Trail to Lodge.

Baby Squirrel


View of the trail.


At at the bottom of Multnomah Falls.

Benson's Bridge.

Small cave.

About half way up Multnomah Falls

Convenient rock for a rest break.

Nice rock bridge over Multnomah Creek.

Stream we walked along.

Another view of the stream.

Photo opportunity.

Someone made eyes and teeth.

Echo Falls?

Coming down the mountain on the Wahkeena Falls Side. Lots more people on this side.

Non Volksmarcher ahead of us on trail.

Fairy Falls?

Volksmarcher from Washougal, WA.


View of the trail.

Wild Iris.

Stream we walked along.

Another waterfall.

Benches build into the wall.

Fearless Chipmonk.

Wahkenna Falls

From the other side.

From below.