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brushy creek year round event in cedar park, tx

Brushy Creek YRE
Walked 01/21/2012

YMCA where you register.

On the other side of the entrance there is another stop sign.
The trail is off to the left of that 2nd stop sign.

Nice waterfall on Brushy Creek.

Ed taking a closer look at the creek.

Nice wide hike/bike trail.

Another view of the trail.
Signboard about the building of the Capitol in Austin.

Protection from the train tracks above.

Ducks enjoying a swim in the creek.


Not sure what this is across the lake.

Signboard about the lake.

Carol doing the Maze.

Ed too.

There were 700 runners doing an event.

We got off the crowded hike/bike
trail and followed the creek.
Another shot of the nature trail.

Carol waiting for us to catch up.

Back on the hike/bike trail.

Cliffs along the creek.

Bridge over the creek, and you're back at the start/finish.