West, TX Volksmarching Worker's Walk
March 19, 2010

Nine of us met to mark the trail and do the worker's walk for tomorrow's event. Four of us walked the 10K, the other five walked the 5K. These are pictures of the walk route because I will be working a checkpoint tomorrow and will only have pictures of people.

Getting organized in the parking lot.

We are off and walking.

Mailbox rooster.

Out West Grill.

Local business supporting the school teams.

Nice old Studebaker Pickup.

Downtown West.

Beverly and Rebecca.

An old caboose.

West Depot is Chamber of Commerce Building.

Restaurant Sign on Main Street.

Courthouse and War Memorial.

Nice home.

Karl, Anna and Ed.

Easter Bunny.

Purple Iris.

Another home I liked.

And Another.

This one is empty and needs fixing up. Has potential.


First Baptist Church
Original Building constructed in 1899
This building constructed in 1938.

Gazebo on Courthouse Lawn.

Part of the War Memorial.

Antique Caterpiller.

Fire Station.

Another nice home.

And Another.

Church of the Assumption
Original structure built in 1892.
This Structure built in 1903.

St. Francis.

Another nice house.

West, TX Volksmarching Event
March 20, 2010

What a difference a day makes. The morning started out rainy and cold. We stayed in the start area until some walkers actually started out on the trail. Linda and her daughters went to work Checkpoint #2 at the Gazebo, and I went to work Checkpoint #1 at the Park with the playground.

Anna signing in for her worker's walk credit.

Doris signing in.

Brooke getting ready to head out in the rain.

Ellen, Linda, Gerald and Mable.

Father and daughter have arrive to sign in.



Local Girl Scout has come to walk with us.

Walkers approaching my checkpoint.

The father/daughter team.

Paul and the Millers.

Sherri walked the route twice!

Nancy sweeping the trail.
Time for me to head back in.