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University of Texas
Austin, TX YRE Volksmarch

This event earned me my 8th stamp for the "College Campus Walk Program".  I'm working on my Bachlor's Degree.  So far all Colleges have been in Texas.

My favorite Austin skyscraper.

Decoration on the side of a building.

Windmark Hotel

Historic Church that is asking
for help to keep from being torn down.

Dome of the Capitol Building.

Looking up into the
dome  from inside.

The light fixtures outside Capitol Bldg.

The original "walking beam"  
of the Santa Rita Oil Well.
This well was the first major
discovery of oil in West Texas.
It made a rich school of the
University of Texas.

Statues on the grounds
of the Alumni Assoc.

I posed with the Longhorn.

The North Entrance
to the stadium.

Fountain is turned off.
This is the gounds of
Lyndon B. Johnson Library.

UT's clock tower from the Library.

This is not on the walk route.
We took a 4 block detour to
visit my daughter at her job in
this medical tower.

Back on the walk route we
crossed UT campus during
a class break.

I read the historic marker,
but I can't remember what
this is. I need to eat more fish!

Crossing town lake on
the Congress Street Bridge.

Waterfall only a couple
blocks from the finish.

Diary of College Events Walked